End of Season 2019 Unmissable Opportunities!

It is really hard to buy brand shoes during this period. With the increasing inflation, shoe prices increased considerably. However, in this article we will talk about brand shoes that you can get with the end of season discounts.

1- Kemal Tanca

Kemal Tanca made special discounts up to 30% at the end of the season. If you need a classic shoes when entering 2020 Kemal Tanca’nın models, I say do not go without seeing.

2- Flo

As you know in Flo stores, there are many shoe brands. At the same time, all kinds of kinetix brand models are available in flo stores. There is a 50% discount on the kinetix brand at the Flo stores, as well as a 20% discount on all brands.

3- Adidas

Adidas makes legendary discounts especially in outlet stores. There is currently a 15% discount on Adidas shoe stores, but if you find only 2 or 3 remaining shoes in the adidas outlet stores, then you can enjoy the discount. Sometimes discounts may exceed 50%.


Turkey has made serious strides in the last period, as you know, Nike announced the name of beautifully throwing serious sponsorships signature by performing good deeds. Nike recently increased the rate of inflation in shoes. However, nike withdrawal of the price increases made by the end of the season special until the first week of the new year will be 30 percent discount in shoes announced.

5- Deichman

Although Deichman is a 100-year-old shoe company, it has been in our country for the last 5 years. However, he managed to stand out among the shoe companies whether the shoes he sold or the ease of exchange and return after sales warranty. Deichman winter boots, starting at 50 prices this season marked. At present, it offers a 25% discount for all brands, but keeps its prices far below the shoe store in the neighborhood.

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